Thursday 25 July 2024

Introducing the Planning, Programming and Budget Unit


In order to accomplish their vision, missions and strategic objectives, organizations require planning in budgeting, reforming organizational structure and managing human capital. Accordingly, there is a unit in the organizational structure of executive organizations which is called “Planning and Programming” or referred to in other similar terms.
Planning, Programming and Budget management is one of the managements working under the supervision of the University President. It operates in the three forms of Planning and Budget / Organization, Administrative Transformation and Productivity / Technical Affairs and Supervision of Development Projects in order to implement the policies of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.


- Carrying out all ‌matters related to preparing and writing the budget of the University

- ‌Planning, organizing activities and proposing the annual budget in accordance with the priorities of the University

- Cooperating with the directors of units in preparing and writing the budget

- Collecting the budget plans proposed by different units and assessing the proposed plans and funds

- Integrating and organizing the proposed budgets in the form of the overall objectives and policy of the University

- Supervising the expenditure of funds and assessing the progress of operations in each unit

- Defending the proposed budget in the presence of the authorities

- Communicating the approved budget to all units and allocating the approved funds to the University’s units over three-month periods

- Keeping accounts and books of budgetary funds according to the executive activities and programs of the University and supervising the implementation of the budgets of units

- Assessing and exchanging the detailed budget of expenditure funds and acquisition of capital assets with the relevant ministry

- Constant study and assessment of the organizational responsibilities of the University and units as well as the workflow in them in light of the development plan of the University

- Assessing and exchanging agreements related to construction activities with the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Supervision of the President of Iran

- Conducting organizational assessments in order to plan and estimate the human resources the University requires in cooperation with the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department

- Constant study and assessment of the organization and responsibilities of the affiliated units in order to plan, separate and properly divide these responsibilities among units and prevent repetition as well as overlapping of responsibilities

- Preparing and creating an organizational chart as well as preparing and organizing organizational positions proportional to the responsibilities of the affiliated units of the University, in cooperation with the related units

- Establishing contact with competent authorities in order to implement revisions and changes in the organization of the University

- Study and assessment in preparing and formulating the job descriptions of units as well as the job descriptions of the University’s organizational positions and communicating them to units after approval by the Board of Trustees and detailed communication by the relevant ministry

- Assessment of the recommendations of units regarding the alteration and reform of organizational positions and job descriptions, preparation of necessary reports and implementation of essential measures in order to solve their organizational problems

- Preparing and compiling the necessary statistics regarding activities, forces and existing factors at the University and its affiliated units (in terms of staff and budget) in order to act correctly and logically in the management of the University

- Studying and identifying the educational and training requirements of non-teaching staff and implementing training programs for them

- Active participation in councils and committees and commenting on relevant issues

- Planning the continuous improvement of management and increasing productivity in the process of education, research and technology by prioritizing meritocracy, innovation, creativity, increase in participation and organizational flexibility

- Planning and supervising the designing, optimization and adaptation of appropriate and required management systems in order to implement the development programs of higher education

- Doing study projects on reforming organizational structure, human resources structure, organizational culture, systems and methods employed at the University

- Doing study projects for determining the necessary course of action regarding the reform of the University’s regulations and internal bylaws with the aim of simplifying and coordinating them

- Planning and supervising the assessment of systems, methods and procedures employed at the University and taking the necessary steps to reform and improve them with the aim of increasing staff and clients’ satisfaction, simplifying work and adapting to the new requirements

- Study and assessment in classifying staff’s jobs by cooperating with the Administrative Affairs and Support Management and other related units

- Supporting, directing and supervising the productivity and administrative transformation activities of the University

- Planning the implementation of the resolutions of councils and the University’s Productivity and Administrative Transformation Commission

- Planning and providing solutions for improving work procedures as well as administrative transformation and productivity

-  Preparing and writing periodic reports and evaluating the implementation of administrative transformation and productivity programs at the University

- Conducting educational programs, educational workshops, seminars and meetings about administrative transformation and productivity

- Planning to provide the physical spaces of the University in order to develop and expand the required educational spaces and taking action to provide the required development funds

- Putting things out to tender and signing agreements with consulting and contractor firms for development projects

- Preparing and formulating the comprehensive plan of the University and providing land as well as resources while taking the development of higher education into consideration

- Supervising the proper execution of the University’s development projects

- Assessing the statements and financial matters of development projects

- Executing the necessary trust projects of the University

- Planning and providing the materials required for development projects

- Supervising ‌the execution of construction and facility projects as well as essential repairs and maintaining the buildings of the University’s different units

- Proposing the University’s development budgets for approval in the annual budget of the country

- Preparing the map of the University’s development projects

- Planning and executing the green space project of the University in accordance with the comprehensive plan of the University

- Preparing the necessary plan for repairing and maintaining different buildings as well as facilities along with assessing and confirming repair proposals and technical changes in buildings and facilities

- Estimating and proposing the purchase of equipment as well as building and facility materials required at the University

- Supervising the repair and maintenance of buildings, facilities and related equipment (such as water, electricity, gas networks, etc.) at the University

- Collecting the necessary information for writing the budget of the University’s development projects

- Assessing the development plans and proposals of the University’s units for development and construction in accordance with the priorities, approved funds as well as approved directives and instructions and following up the budget of development projects to the final stage

- Preparing orderly reports and assessments about the physical development of plans and construction projects and other related issues based on scheduled programs

- Carrying out other tasks assigned by the superior authority