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Security Office


Getting to Know the Security Office

Definition of Security

Security literally means safeguarding and protecting. In administrative terms, it refers to a structure within an organization which is responsible for the safety of minor and major components of that organization against all kinds of deviations. Security’s presence in organizational processes is for achieving the following two objectives:

The core or strategic objective: maintaining and improving the protection and security strength of the organization in order to advance the objectives of the organization

Operational objectives: supporting and assisting managers through effective counsels and timely notifications, supervision and implementation of effective measures in order to fully ensure the safety and security of the organization’s resources

The Security Office of Kermanshah University of Technology operates to: safeguard the principles and values of the holy system of the Islamic Republic; spread the culture of service and the sense of responsibility for people; establish meritocracy as well as the observation of rules and regulations; interact and cooperate with University officials in order to achieve organizational objectives; strive diligently in order to identify opportunities, risks and threats to the organization and prevent the emergence of threats; ultimately realize an effective, decision-maker and accountable Security Office.


a) Receiving objectives, policies and the guiding principle from senior management as well as planning, organizing, coordinating, communicating a program and supervising its implementation

b) Implementing the University’s bylaws and instructions regarding personnel security, physical security, document security and information technology security

c) Providing timely counsel and notification regarding the status of the organization to the senior authority of the organization and other relevant authorities

d) Striving to create security on the campus by putting emphasis on the valuable teachings of Islam and the observation of regulations

e) Creating an atmosphere of trust, respect and empathy among officials, staff and the campus

f) Protecting and safeguarding the organization against potential risks and threats

g) Receiving, recording and preserving the University’s correspondence and confidential documents

h) Communicating security orders to administrative units

i) Implementing the necessary measures in the event of accidents as well as incidents and immediately reporting the information to officials

j) Preparing and writing security forms

k) Receiving and recording classified documents as well as distributing and preserving them in a centralized manner

l) Formulating procedures and plans in order to prevent crisis on the campus, prevent any attack on the University, as well as consulting and interacting with relevant organizations outside the University

m) Collecting and analyzing news and information (political, cultural, economical and social) in order to provide counsel to University officials to take the necessary measures and so on

n) Carrying out other assigned tasks in accordance with the regulations and the job description

The Role of Security in Preventing Violations

1. The cautionary or preventive role
2. The reformer or therapist role
3. The system-separating role

Message of the Head of the Security Office and Consultant to the University President

The honor of serving academic groups (well-educated faculty, respected staff and students as the noblest and greatest social capital) and paving the path for their academic growth and elevation is a divine blessing which the esteemed Security staff enjoy. By accentuating the pathology of performance and focusing on corrective measures, the Security Office of the University operates in order to create a safe environment at the University along with peace and exuberance. The main mission of the Security Office is emphasizing the “Social Security Strategy” which means benefiting from the valuable spiritual and human capital in higher education in order to realize an effective, decision-maker and accountable Security. Accordingly, Security staff of the University, of one mind and united by oath, God willing, will open a new chapter in the history of the University’s Security Office by planning, shrewd organization, jihadi acts and synergy with competent authorities.

Security Office at a Glance

- Preservation of documents
- Arm of the management
- Being ahead of one’s time
- Identification of challenges
- Prediction
- Prevention
- Dedication
- Authority
- Resourcefulness
- A trustworthy consultant
- Defender of the Supreme Leader
- Eyes of the management
- Command
- Supervision

The Ethical and Organizational Charter of the Security Office

Following human-shaping teachings and inspired by the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the organizational charter of the Security Office of Kermanshah University of Technology is as follows:

- We are determined to: safeguard the lofty principles and values of Islam and the Revolution.

- We are determined to: practice the Islamic codes and rules.

We are determined to: interact and cooperate in order to create a safe environment along with peace and exuberance for faculty, staff and students.

- We are determined to: realize the “Social Security Strategy” at the University.

We are determined to: make every effort in order to ceaselessly elevate science, knowledge and research at the University.

We are determined to: provide honest service to clients along with cheerfulness, grace and kindness as well as strive to achieve their satisfaction in accordance with the rules and regulations, and we see this as our divine duty and organizational responsibility.

We are determined to: realize the three mottos of “effective, decision-maker, and accountable Security.”

We are determined to: strive to establish meritocracy by identifying and introducing the committed and expert employees.

We are determined to: respect the privacy of individuals and endeavor to protect their reputation and secrets.

We are determined to: observe the rules and regulations, spread the culture of responsibility as well as the rule of law and disseminate them at the University.

We are determined to: execute tasks all the time with speed, precision, honesty, safekeeping, order, resourcefulness and foresight.

We are determined to: assist the University by striving diligently to identify and prevent threats.

We are determined to: identify violators as well as lawbreakers and deal with them appropriately and legally.

We are determined to: use resources well and optimally and, through wise frugality, avoid prodigality.

We are determined to: put work ethic, punctuality, humility, patience, workplace hygiene, neat appearance, Islamic decorum, justice and fairness at the heart of our work.

We are determined to: avoid any kind of discrimination, rumor spreading, disrespect, backbiting, informing on others and abuse of official position.


1. Issuance of ID Cards

ID cards are issued to indicate an individual’s identifying information, and respected members can go to the Security Office in order to receive ID cards in accordance with the “Instructions for the Issuance of ID Cards.”

2. Issuance of Vehicle Entry Permits

Since the entry of any vehicle into the University without permit is forbidden, respected applicants can act in accordance with the “Instructions for the Issuance of Vehicle Entry Permits” in case they require entry permit.

3. Foreign Travel

If respected faculty and staff intend to travel abroad, they are required to go to the University’s website, receive the form of “Departure Announcement,” proceed to complete the  relevant form and send it via administrative automation a minimum of 15 days in advance. Respected students who intend to travel abroad are also required to go to the Security management and complete the relevant forms in person.
Important point: You can share with others your experiences or the important points you witnessed in your travel by completing the form of “Writing a Comment.”

4. Video Surveillance Center

Video surveillance or event control through observing and recording by CCTV cameras, which is also known as monitoring, is one of the most important pillars in the maintenance of security and peace in today’s society. Control over the space around buildings, preventing accidents and possible crimes, supervising the performance of individuals, increasing productivity by being frugal with financial resources and reducing workforce and ultimately increasing accuracy as well as speed in surveillance are the results of using this technology. Video Surveillance Center of the University is one of the centers which uses this technology and assists Security staff in creating a safe and peaceful environment. This Center is specifically in charge of the video surveillance of the University and the wireless communication of Security staff on a 24-hour basis.

Tel: 083 - 38305012-13

Cell: 09922586132

5. Message Center (News Center)

You can call this Center when the following cases arise:

- When the presence of traffic police, firefighters or ambulance is required at the University and, after calling the aforementioned centers, please immediately inform the Message Center of the University about the circumstances in order to facilitate as well as accelerate the arrival of ambulance, firefighters, or traffic police
- When witnessing clear violations such as fighting, peace disturbance, property damage, harassment, immoral cases and so on
- When there is a theft

Bylaws and Instructions

- Instructions for the Issuance of ID Cards
- Instructions for the Issuance of Vehicle Entry Permits
- Instructions for Security during Holidays
- The Computer Crimes Law
- The Plagiarism Prevention and Confrontation Law

Staff and Students Should Know:

- Intelligence gathering via phone
- For students
- The security booklet in foreign travels
- Dormitory security


- Lost ID Card Form
- Vehicle Entry Request
- Writing a Comment (a report after a foreign travel)
- Foreign Travel Request Form (for students)

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Concluding Remarks

Your information, even if it seems trivial, may be a great help in the improvement of administrative health. Therefore, assist us in the purification of the University.